Resources to help parents access resources (grants, etc.) to help with costs of therapy.

Senseabilities, Inc. has no relationship with any of the following resources.  We are including them here to help ease your journey with your child(ren).  We’d love to hear if any of these resources were helpful to you, and are here to help you in any way.


  • Ady′s Army

    Realizing the pain and financial pressure families face, we find our purpose in serving God by serving special needs families. Together we work to defeat the financial stress and loneliness caused by autism, providing resources one “piece” and one family at a time. We are a nonprofit who helps families find hope and answers, realizing that what was once impossible alone is now possible with an army- Ady’s army.

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  • Anchor of Hope

    Anchor of Hope Foundation offers financial assistance to individuals who can provide a proof of diagnosis of a developmental disability to help cover the costs of therapyeducationequipment, and other direct needs of the individual not covered by insurance or Medicaid. The maximum scholarship amount is $250.00 per individual per calendar year.

    Scholarship Opportunities

  • Avenues for Autism

    We created the Suzanne Tyner Autism Fund to help families pay for autism services not covered by traditional insurance or grants.

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  • Autism Care Today

    Providing Grants for Families Impacted by Autism, with special emphasis on Military families.

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    This website provides access to a “Benefit Finder” which offers multiple search methods to quickly find state and federal benefits you may be entitled to.

    Benefit Opportunities

  • Challenged America

    The My Gym Foundation accepts applications from or on behalf of children with physical, cognitive, or developmental disabilities and those coping with chronic illness or financial struggles. Requests, limited to gifts of $500 or less, may include but are not limited to rehabilitative therapy, My Gym classes, assistive devices, medical equipment, and sensory items.

    Gift Opportunities

  • Giving Angels Foundation

    At the Giving Angels Foundation, our mission is to enhance the daily functioning of a child with a physical disability from a lower income family by awarding grants for life-changing equipment, medical supplies, essential family bills, specialized camps, and therapeutic toys.

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  • First Hand Foundation

    First Hand Foundation will provide families who meet certain financial guidelines with grants of up to $1,000 for ABA therapy.

    Funding Opportunities

  • Friends of Man

    Grants for therapy, equipment, and other needs. Must have a sponsor such as an agency or social worker apply.

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    (Interactive Technology Assisting Autistic Little Kids) provides interactive technology to children (0-22) with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and educational training on interactive technology to families, educators, and service providers of children with special needs.

    Funding Opportunities

  • Orange Effect Foundation

    The Orange Effect Foundation empowers children and young adults with speech disorders to effectively communicate through technology and speech therapy.

    Grant Opportunities

  • Variety of GA

    Variety-the Children’s Charity of Georgia is an organization committed to providing children with developmental disabilities the adaptive equipment and opportunities needed for activity and inclusion.

    Support Opportunities

  • Lekotek of Georgia

    Lekotek’s mission is to facilitate the inclusion of children with disabilities into their families, schools and communities by providing accessible play, adapted toys, technology, information, and resources.  We offer monthly play sessions for children who are birth to 8 years old and their families with any disability.  There is no referral required.  We are not therapy but complement therapy very well.  At Lekotek, we look for ways to set the environment up so that all children can be successful, build self-esteem and find independence.  We use a variety of toys and technology during our one-hour sessions, and families get to go home with the toys from our session to use at home until their next visit.  Lekotek is for the whole family!  Siblings and parents participate in the session, and the Lekotek Leader plans activities and toy selections with the whole family in mind.  In addition to our monthly play sessions, we also offer many family activities, music, happy tails, holiday events and more!  One of my favorites is our pond raft outing in Marietta that we offer in conjunction with the National Park Service!  Unfortunately, during the pandemic we have suspended all of our in-person group activities, but we do offer some virtual events and have even had two successful drive-thru events.  Our website also has some great information. Like us on Facebook

    Support Opportunities

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