Senseabilities will re-open on August 3, 2020, and plans to remain open. We are in support of each therapist's choice to provide either teletherapy or in-office appointments. In-office appointments will be based on each individual patient's needs and their therapist's professional opinion as to if teletherapy is an appropriate service model. Unfortunately, this may mean having to adjust your child's schedule for therapy if you are seen for more than one discipline. Your therapist will be in contact with you to either maintain your current appointment time or schedule a new appointment time. We ask that you are flexible in regards to your child's teletherapy appointments so the in-office appointments can occur as scheduled. The needs of our patients are our top priority, but we also must maintain a safe working environment for our employees and clients.

Thank you for your understanding during this time.

Our mission is to support children and their families by providing lifelong knowledge and skills with enthusiasm, passion, and creativity.

SenseAbilities was established from our desire to help children and to empower parents while discovering their child's unique gifts. We recognized the need in our community for a place that could improve the lives of children and families by providing knowledge in a fun filled environment where everyone feels safe, accepted, and full of joy. As special educators, we know children deserve every opportunity when it comes to their future and take pride in making sure these opportunities are in reach. As the parents of children with special needs, we want to help families find joy in their journey!

- Lisa, Robin, & Kristi